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Vancouver Rental Stats for Two Bedroom Apartments

If you're living with a roommate in Vancouver, chances are you're living in a two bedroom rental. Below we've compiled rental rate statistics for two bedroom apartment rentals in the Vancouver area.

Quick Stats

A few quick stats regarding the Vancouver apartment rental market.

  • The average rent for a vacant two bedroom apartments in the city of Vancouver was around $2100 (higher for condos), as of 2019 [source: CMHC]. Thus, sharing an 'average' two bedroom apartment in Vancouver with a roommate you're looking at over $1000 each.
  • The vacancy rate for two bedroom apartments for the city of Vancouver was 1.4%, as reported in October 2019 [source: CMHC].
  • Landlords in BC can legally raise the rent for existing tenants 2.6% in 2020.

Apartment Rental Rates for Two Bedroom Apartments in Vancouver and Area

The following are the average monthly rents for two bedroom units in Vancouver and surrounding areas, as provided by three different sources.

Why are the CMHC figures much lower?

  • CMHC figures are primarily reporting on what renters are currently paying - whereas the other two sources are compiling what vacant apartments are listed for
  • and figures will include condo rentals - which will command a higher rental rate than apartments

Oct 2019
Dec 2020
Year 2020
Vancouver $2070 $2640 $2825
Burnaby $1550 $2160 $2215
Richmond $1510 $2090 $2170
North Vancouver (city) $1700 n/a $2515
West Vancouver $2590 n/a $3000
New Westminster $1595 $1960 $1975
Surrey $1215 n/a $1845


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